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In this job report, you’ll be able to follow along as we restore a customer’s broken appliance. You’ll get a glimpse of what to expect when you call P.A.C.E. Appliance Repair to fix your appliance. In this particular case, a customer contacted us regarding an issue needing an LG refrigerator repair¬†in Oakville, MO.

Issue: LG Refrigerator Water Filter Housing

The customer reached out to P.A.C.E. Appliance Repair and explained to our customer service representative that the water dispenser housing door wouldn’t stay closed. It was hanging down, obstructing items on the shelf. Our representative asked a few additional questions to gather information for the job and directed the customer on locating the model number. The model number was provided to help our technician come prepared and increase the chances of fixing the appliance during the initial visit.

After confirming all the necessary details, the customer service representative scheduled an appointment for the following morning and informed the customer that they would receive a text message when our service technician (Bobby) was en route to their home.

Cause: Worn Water Filter Housing & Cover

Upon arrival, Bobby introduced himself to the customer and proceeded to examine the refrigerator and filter housing. He quickly identified that this refrigerator model often experiences this particular issue and knew the correct solution to restore the ice-making functionality. Bobby demonstrated the problem to the customer while explaining what had happened and provided a detailed repair quote.

Solution: Replaced Water Filter Housing & Cover

The customer approved the repair quote, and thanks to Bobby’s prior knowledge of the model number and the customer’s problem, he came prepared with the necessary replacement parts. He promptly began the repair work, replacing the parts, and demonstrated to the customer that the issue was resolved, with the appliance now functioning correctly.

Bobby shares his insights with the customer and us as he performs the repair.

Another Happy Customer

At P.A.C.E. Appliance Repair, customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Every member of our team strives to provide an exceptional customer experience, from their initial contact until the completion of the repair. Our reputation is our most valuable asset, as evidenced by the hundreds of online 5-star reviews we have received. Contact P.A.C.E. for all your appliance repair needs and let us make you our next satisfied customer!

bobby author bio

Bobby Howard

Bobby owns P.A.C.E. Appliance Repair, which is a family-run business managed by he & his wife Kristina. Bobby has been repairing appliances for 23 years, and started P.A.C.E. in 2020. In his spare time he enjoys time with family & billiards.



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