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Join us as we take you through a typical service call and repair by one of our experienced technicians. We want to give you a clear understanding of what to expect when you contact P.A.C.E. Appliance Repair to fix your broken appliance. In this particular case, we’ll share a recent¬†Samsung¬†refrigerator repair in St Louis.

Issue: Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker not Making Ice

The customer contacted P.A.C.E. Appliance Repair to report that the bottom ice maker in their Samsung refrigerator was not producing any ice. Our customer service representative asked a few additional questions to gather more information and guided the customer on locating the model number, which was provided to help our technician come prepared.

After confirming all the necessary details, the customer service representative scheduled an appointment for the following morning and informed the customer to expect a text message notifying them when our service technician (Bobby) would be on his way to their home.

Cause: Icemaker & Fill Tube Heater Issues

Upon arrival, Bobby introduced himself to the customer and began examining the refrigerator and ice maker. He quickly identified that this particular refrigerator model often experiences this problem and knew the correct solution to restore proper ice production.

Follow along with Bobby below as he explains the situation:

Once our technician, Bobby, confirmed the issue and explained it to the customer, he provided a detailed repair quote. The customer approved the repair, and Bobby ordered the necessary parts and scheduled a return appointment with the customer.

Solution: Replaced Icemaker & Heated Fill Tube

Since the repair was approved and the parts were ordered during the initial service call, Bobby was able to return and complete the repair within a week. As mentioned earlier, the repair involved replacing both the lower ice maker and the fill tube, which is equipped with a heating element to prevent ice blockages.

You can follow along as the Bobby completes the repair in this time-lapse video.

Another Happy Customer

The team at P.A.C.E. Appliance Repair is dedicated to customer satisfaction, striving to ensure that every customer is left happy with our service. This commitment is evident throughout the entire customer experience, from the initial phone call with our customer service team to the final demonstration of the repaired and fully functioning appliance by our technician.

bobby author bio

Bobby Howard

Bobby owns P.A.C.E. Appliance Repair, which is a family-run business managed by he & his wife Kristina. Bobby has been repairing appliances for 23 years, and started P.A.C.E. in 2020. In his spare time he enjoys time with family & billiards.



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